Cedar Tables

We can use traditionally squared or live edge boards to create a beautiful conference, dining, coffee, or side table.

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Cedar Beds

Our stock cedar bed frames feature a combination of rustic logs and live edge cedar and are available in a variety of mattress sizes.

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Cedar Benches

We can craft live edge, traditionally squared, stump, or log and live edge plank benches in a variety of styles.

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Our Furniture

Eastern Red Cedar is noted for its distinct coloration, fragrance, and resistance to rot. We don’t kiln dry out cedar, which helps it resist cracking over time. We sand it with 600 grit sandpaper and apply several layers of clear coat that leaves a distinctive and beautiful glossy finish. Our furniture is assembled with heavy-duty metal brackets that are powder-coated to prevent wear and rust. Because our furniture is constructed with such heavy planks and logs, we use bolts of the same hex size, so they’re easy to both assemble and disassemble.

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Custom, Hand-Crafted Furniture

Hand-Made In Texas — Shipping Available

Modisette Furniture crafts one-of-a-kind furniture pieces from Eastern Red Cedar. Our stock furniture features beautiful rustic log, stump, and live edge pieces. We’re lifelong craftsmen and pride ourselves on producing high-quality, beautiful furniture that’s designed to become an antique, passed down in your family for generations.

What makes each of our pieces unique is our approach to crafting it. When we select cedar for a product, we consider the unique qualities of each piece, and then we incorporate that into the design of the final furniture. That means that each of our pieces is not only crafted to last a lifetime but truly unique.

We’re able to ship our furniture throughout the United States. Because many pieces of our furniture are large, they ship unassembled, though our assembly process is simple. We recommend you have someone available to help move the furniture when it arrives.

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More About Our Company

How It Works...

Selecting The Wood

Our wood isn’t kiln-dried, which will help preserve it and prevent cracking, and before we build a piece, we take the time to select the perfect log.

Sawing & Assembly

We assemble our furniture with heavy-duty brackets we fabricate and use bolts with the same head size to simplify assembly.

Sanding & Finishing

We sand each piece with 600 grit sandpaper and then apply a two-part Hempel clear coat. Then we sand it again and apply a few more layers of clear coat.