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Hand-Crafted In East Texas


Modisette Furnishings offers both custom and pre-designed furniture. Each of our pieces is truly unique. Before we begin a piece, we take some time to select the wood that we’ll use to build it. We incorporate the natural shape of the wood into each piece, which means that every single one is a little different.


Our furniture is crafted from Eastern Red Cedar, which is known for the durability of its heartwood, its distinctive coloring, fragrance, and resistance to rot. To help the wood resist cracking, we never kiln-dry our logs or planks. We spend a lot of time selecting wood to ensure our furniture’s quality and beauty.


We fabricate our own brackets for use in our furniture. Each heavy-duty bracket is powder-coated to help prevent rust and extend the life of the furniture. We use ⅜” nuts or ⅜” lag bolts. This makes assembly and disassembly of the furniture simpler since it only requires a single socket wrench.


We finish each piece by first sanding it with 600 grit sandpaper. Next, we apply a few coats of two-part Hempel automotive clear coat. This repels water, which helps protect the furniture from moisture. We then sand the clear coat with 600 grit sandpaper again. Finally, we apply three more heavy coats of clear coat to create a beautiful, glossy finish.

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