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A Lifetime Of Creation

"I have owned and operated Modisette Welding & Supply LLC doing specialty and fabrication work for 16 years. Our specialty is designing, fabricating, sandblasting, painting and powder coating. Sometime back we gained access to some beautiful red cedar logs and a sawmill. Using my 35 years of experience in designing and fabricating metal items, the design and building of the red cedar items just came naturally. We have put together a nice inventory of unique and one of a kind pieces.

Every piece we have built is assembled with 2” or thicker borders. This will eliminate future cracking as the material will not be kiln-dried. All pieces are assembled with heavy duty powder coated brackets. Pieces come with either 3/8” bolts and nuts or 3/8” lag nuts for easy assembly with one size sockets. All pieces have flatboard and live edges showing. The pieces are sanded to a 600 grit finish and then clear coated. They are then resanded and have three additional coats of clear coat applied to make for a long lasting and durable gloss finish which seals the wood. Items can be safely cleaned with any window cleaning product.

We will be glad to work with customers on custom orders."

Owner and Operator
Modisette Furnishing
Chris Modisette

Our Furniture

Selecting Wood

Our wood isn’t kiln-dried, which will help preserve it and prevent cracking, and before we build a piece, we take the time to select the perfect log.

Sawing & Shaping

We use our sawmill to cut the planks we need to build the piece. Each plank is at least 2” thick. This ensures our furniture is solid and will last generation.

Cedar bed frame


We assemble our furniture with heavy-duty brackets we fabricate and use bolts with the same head size to simplify assembly.


We sand each piece with 600 grit sandpaper and then apply a two-part Hempel clear coat. Then we sand it again and apply a few more layers of clear coat.

Custom Orders

In addition to offering hand-crafted pieces that we’ve designed ourselves, we also accept custom work. If you’re interested in a custom piece of furniture, contact us today.